Questions and Information about the Regatta Club

The season has finally arrived and thoughts turn to all things sailing…  

Regatta Club 2017 on Helens Bay Beach

You may remember the inaugural Regatta Club beach BBQ at Helens Bay last year? We had 80 kids and numerous adults attend what was a superb day out, with a voyage from their club, a race, followed by a beach landing for BBQ and games and finishing off with the sail in company back home. It was such a great success that we pledged to do it again this year – so here we go! 

The date will be Sunday 3rd June 2018, which I hope will not clash with any other major events? The timings are obviously Club specific, but I anticipate leaving RNIYC with our fleet at about 1000hrs and allowing 90 minutes to travel less than 4 nautical miles. The intention would then be to hold a short windward – leeward race at about 1145 – 1200 off Grey Point with all the other visiting boats, before heading ashore by 1300 for a BBQ and beach games. We will plan to leave between 1430 and 1500, aiming to be home by around 1630-1700. 

Tides: High water is 3.2m at 0814, meaning easy launching for tide-sensitive clubs; low water is 0.7m at 1434, so a large amount of beach is exposed for play and slack water for the beginning of the return trip. By the time the boats reach home, even tide-sensitive clubs should be in a position to recover their boats. RNIYC and HYC both have oil drum BBQs, so there should be adequate capacity, although a third BBQ might not go amiss? My thanks to Paul Bunting and his Sailability team for their assistance in the logistics of transporting BBQs, etc, to Helens Bay beach. 

RNIYC will not be charging members for this event. Non members are welcome but will be asked to register for temporary membership for £5.00 to cover costs such as BBQ food, fuel, etc… Each club shall be responsible for its own admission policy, but bearing in mind that this is about encouraging young sailors, I would recommend a similar charging structure to RNIYC. We are grateful to our sponsor, Charles Hurst Land Rover and Jaguar for their support in making this event happen!

The event is aimed at all ages and abilities up to 18 and is about fun and friendship rather than out and out racing excellence, the aim being to encourage young sailors to have fun and participate so that they want to come back. Eight years of age is the suggested cut off for unaccompanied kids, but younger brothers and sisters are welcome to attend if accompanied by a parent – watching their big brother or sister having a ball is the best way to encourage their future interest and participation after all! 

If your club is interested in taking part, please let me know in an advance an approximation of numbers so we can plan ahead. The idea will be to be on station at Grey Point by 1130 hrs for the race… if anyone wishes to assist by providing a committee boat or by volunteering to assist as Race Officer, please let me know? In fact, we will need many volunteers to assist on the day, so please do let me know if you are prepared to assist. Food will be a major logistical issue, let me know if you wish to bring your own or are prepared to make arrangements through me? 

Finally, just to stress the idea behind Regatta Club. It is to encourage beginners to get involved in sailing in a sociable way, building a sense of camaraderie and achievement in a sociable environment, whilst at the same time encouraging youth participation at our club regattas throughout the summer! 

Please contact me for further details or advice on this email address or on my mobile:

07711 066920 

More details to follow…. 

Looking forward to seeing you there on Sunday 3rd June 2018! 

Michael Meharg