The Cruising Section at Royal North has a wonderful fleet of sailing yachts and power boats listed among its members. Members’ boats are spread across a vast area with some kept in far off parts. There is a comprehensive list of these boats on the right of this page.

Most of the local boats are moored in Bangor Marina, Carrickfergus Marina or Strangford Lough, as well as on moorings in front of the clubhouse. Ringhaddy, in Strangford Lough is a favourite anchorage for many. With the boats spread over such a wide area it is often difficult to organise musters but many members manage to meet up from time to time for a pleasant weekend in convivial company.

Our annual log judging dinner is held just before the start of the season, usually in early March when skippers and crew meet for a chat about last year’s cruise and to plan the cruise for the coming season.

The 2016 winner of the Mike Murray Shield for the best cruising log – CRUISE AND DELIVER – was Robert Hume.

For the past few years the cruisers have met up after our Annual Regatta at Cultra.  We sail past the Club then on in company into Belfast where we tie up at the pontoons in the Abercorn Basin beside the Odyssey Arena. A glass or two of wine and a nice meal ashore completes a very enjoyable day.