RYA Cadet Summer Sailing Courses 2019

Each summer Royal North runs RYA Sailing Courses for children aged 8 – 18. Based  on the Youth Sailing Scheme, fundamentally, these courses aim to both introduce and promote the sport of sailing in a safe, enjoyable and informative way.

A key aim of Royal North in delivering these courses is to ensure participants enjoy their experience and develop their skills, rather than simply ‘ticking boxes’. At the end of each course, participants should understand the content of their course but recognise that they will continue to develop (and make mistakes) as they gain experience on the water.

The courses offered in the Youth Sailing Scheme run from:

Level 1: Start Sailing – enjoying basic skills under relaxed tuition

Level 2: Basic Skills – sail the dinghy after tuition without input from instructor

Level 3: Better Sailing – sail in any direction, rig and launch boat

Level 4: Double Handed Sailing – crew and helm on a variety of courses.

We can take a maximum of 25 participants on each course at any level

Courses will run weekly and bookings and payments can be made through the club website only. There is always high demand for these courses, so for the first two weeks priority booking will be given to members over non-members. The cost this year is £140 for members and £185 for non-members.

To book a course, please click on the link below courses are primarily aimed at levels as detailed in the links below;

Week commencing 8th July 2019 – Stages 1 – 2

Week commencing 15th July 2019 – Stages 1 -2

Week commencing 22nd July 2019 – Stages 2 – 3

Week commencing 29th July 2019 – Stages 3 – 4

Week commencing 5th August 2019 – Stage 4 – Start Racing

Week commencing 12th August 2019 – Stages 1 – 2

Week commencing 19th August 2019 – Stages 3 – 4


8 Jul - 23 Aug 2019
Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
7 Seafront Road , Cultra
BT18 0BB
+44 2890 428 041
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