RYA(NI) guidance on Club racing changed last week enabling us to run ‘Simple Club
Racing’. It is our intention to do so, from Thursday 23 July 2020.

It is important that sailors understand that general Covid-19 regulations still apply,
particularly regarding social distancing at all stages, including changing, rigging,
sailing and recovery. This means that, at this stage, only single-handed sailing and
boats crewed by individuals from the same household may participate, and our
changing facilities remain closed.

We will be running with the minimum number of race management volunteers and
using simpler courses and flag system – so please read the Notice of Race and Sailing
Instructions on the Club website. These instructions will be updated as the situation
evolves and we hope we can return to normal Club Racing soon. We continue to lobby
RYA(NI) to achieve further relaxations for our sport.

It is up to the participant to individually assess their own risk in taking part in Simple
Club Racing as always and sailors are reminded that the Club has a requirement to
ensure that no unnecessary pressure is put on all safety services, including the RNLI
and Coastguard. We are very exposed to public view at the Club so to avoid any adverse
feedback, please ensure that you comply with social distancing and other Covid-19
guidance when in the yards and be Conservative and Considerate in your sailing.

The Notice of Race, and Race Official Guidelines are now available in the Club Sailing Documents section…