Having successfully recruited a Senior Instructor, we are now recruiting for Dinghy Instructors and Assistant Instructors for the Summer / Sailing Season.

RNIYC has a strong reputation for cadet summer courses and training and this year the Club will further formalise and professionalise course management and delivery. All Dinghy and Assistant Instructors will therefore be recruited via an application form process. Contact us for an application form.

Dinghy and Assistant Instructors are required from 3 July to 18 August 2017 inclusive. In addition, all instructors will be expected to attend a pre-season training and validation day on 31 May 2017. Instructors are required to undertake the following duties:

  • Working under the SI to instruct on RYA Sailing Courses.
  • Be available to attend weekly Pirate’s Club (Tuesday evening sailing or others as required) as an instructor.
  • Prepare club boats for sailing and be responsible for assisting in their upkeep through the season.
  • Assist in managing and maintaining non-boat cadet related equipment.

Be familiar with RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor Handbook (G14) and be competent in it’s practices.

Instructors will require the following (provable) qualifications and experience:

  • RYA First Aid (DI only)
  • RYA PB Level 2 (DI only) & Safety Boat (not mandatory)
  • Hold RYA Level 1 -4 AND an advanced module.
  • Racing Experience (desirable)
  • Minimum 1 year coaching experience (DI only)

A review of applications will be made by the RYA Principal, Senior Instructor and Chief Instructor. All instructors will be contracted to the Club via a casual worker agreement on a week to week basis and will be responsible for invoicing RNIYC on a weekly basis for their wages due – the Club will not pay ‘salaries’ and thus individuals are responsible for their own personal taxation liabilities through HMRC. All applicants should clearly detail their availability for the entire summer period on the application form.

Successful applicants will be required to attend (and pass) the pre-season training day which will cover the following activities:

  • Complete land and water based training and assessment managed by the senior instructor to ensure ‘fitness for purpose’.
  • Read and sign the RNIYC Instructor Handbook and Instructor Codes of Practice.
  • Read, be briefed on, and sign the RNIYC Child Protection Policy and be fully aware of their responsibilities within it.
  • Attend a briefing with RYA Principal, Chief Instructor, Yard Manager and Cadet Officer who will outline instructor responsibilities and the standards expected of them.

RNIYC may also employ one individual as a nominated Safety Boat Driver. This role will assume full responsibility for maintaining driving the Rescue RIB and thus, in addition to the qualifications required of DIs, will require the successful candidate to hold a Safety Boat Certificate along with evidence of competence in this role. RNIYC will reward an individual selected for this role at a rate of pay above that given to Dinghy Instructors.

Wages for DIs and AIs will be highly competitive and reflect the quality of individuals we wish to recruit.

Contact us if you have any questions or to request application forms.