The racing is still in full swing in the Virtual world. More great fun, exciting, and close racing, with plenty nip and tuck, collisions, and penalties. No social distancing in this game! That’s all part of the fun. Once the race ends, you get a new boat and new sails for the next one!

11 skippers, a good mix of results, but Ross and Ross with 2 wins apiece. Ross K the daily winner with a 1 1 2, leading by a point. One race had the top 6 finish within 7 seconds of each other. Great racing.

No wifi issues this week, but some phone problems. Battery running out at the start gun of the last race for Leah. Woo Kearney getting disconnected when his Dad called! Chargers and iPads at the ready for next week.


Back next Thursday at 7pm for more racing.

The offshore fleet is onto the next challenges. Gavin Vaughan leading the race from Cape Town to Goa with a great track up the African shore. Rory Graham leading the charge in the Beneteau Cup, around the Balearic Islands. Feel free to sign up to the offshore app, and join the RNIYC group.